Driving Tips for Passing another Vehicle

Headlines are filled with reports of drivers involved in deadly crashes while passing another vehicle. Drivers who grow impatient with a slower vehicle ahead often attempt to pass without waiting for optimal passing conditions and this can lead to tragic consequences. Even when it is done correctly, passing is one of the most dangerous maneuvers performed by drivers. Passing requires cooperation by both the driver of the vehicle being passed and the driver who is passing. Here are a few driving tips that, when followed correctly, will help ensure safe passing.

Passing requires that you ask yourself three questions:

Am I going far enough to justify passing? – How many times has a vehicle passed you only to slow down for a turn just after passing? If you are going to turn soon, make sure that, if you pass, you have enough room to pass and put enough distance between you and the car you just passed so that he won’t have to slow or stop for you. If you don’t have enough room, waiting will only cost you a few seconds.

Is the car ahead going slow enough to justify passing? – Many people are surprised when they find themselves getting a speeding ticket while passing. You are not allowed to exceed the speed limit while passing so the car ahead must be going slow enough that you can perform a passing maneuver without speeding and get back into your lane safely. We should take a moment here to discuss fast lanes and passing lanes. There is no such thing as a fast lane on multi-lane highways; there are only passing lanes. No one is allowed to speed while passing.

Is there enough clear space for me to pass? – You must be able to pass at the speed limit and have enough clear space between you and any oncoming traffic to return safely to your lane.

Most passing maneuvers take place on two-lane roads. While many people believe that interstates and multi-lane highways with their high speeds are the most dangerous types of roads two-lane country roads are actually the most deadly type of road you can drive on. The curves, hills, and slower traffic on these roads along with a lack of passing zones often leads to the temptation to pass when it is most dangerous. No passing zones (either double solid lines or a solid line on your side of the lane) are there for a reason. They normally precede a curve, or a hill where oncoming traffic isn’t visible or a bridge where there is no room for escape. Sometimes these roads are provided with temporary passing lanes. Most often they are not.

If you are driving slowly on this type of road and traffic is building up behind you, find a place where you can pull over to allow other traffic to pass. If a vehicle attempts to pass you, slow and pull over as far to the right as possible to give the other driver safe passing room. Never speed up while another driver is passing. If you see that the other driver is in trouble, slow and give him room to reenter the lane. If the road you are on provides passing lanes, move to the right and slow to allow as many drivers as possible to safely pass you.

If you are stuck behind a slow driver, be patient. If the road you are on provides passing lanes, wait until you reach a passing lane before you pass. If there are no passing lanes, wait until you are in a passing zone as signified by the lane markers and make sure there is enough room to pass safely without encountering traffic in the oncoming lane. Before you pass, check for traffic behind to make sure no one else is attempting to pass. Check your blind spots by turning your chin to your shoulder for other traffic that may be passing you. Flash your headlights and give a light tap on your horn to signal that you are about to pass.

Once you pass another vehicle, make sure there is enough clear space between you and the vehicle you just passed before returning to your lane. The best way to do this is wait until you can see the other vehicle’s headlights in your inside rearview mirror.

When passing trucks and other large vehicles, remember that these types of vehicles have large blind spots. Don’t take too long to pass because you may be in the blind spot and the other driver won’t know you are there. Also remember that, if you are going downhill, the large vehicle will be going faster and it will take you longer to pass. Never pull sharply in front of a large vehicle when returning to your lane. The number one complaint of truck drivers is vehicles pulling abruptly in front of them forcing them to hit their brakes. A truck weighing 80,000 pounds can’t stop quickly and in a conflict between a car and a truck, the truck normally wins.

Check Engine Lights

You’re driving along and suddenly your Check Engine Light comes on. What does it mean? Check Engine Light, Check Engine Soon Light, Service Engine Soon Light, Engine Light, Engine Management Light, “whatever” you want to call it, simply means that your vehicle’s computer system has detected a problem.

Depending on the year, make, and model, it may be related to the engine, the transmission, even the brakes and suspension. There are literally hundreds of reasons a Check Engine Light may appear. The following questions and answers discussion will clarify the truth about Check Engine Lights…

Service Engine Soon Light FAQ:

1) Can the car be driven?
The general rule is: if the Service Engine Soon Light is on, and the car seems to be running ok, you can drive it. However, you should have it checked at your earliest convenience.

If your vehicle is running poorly—bucking, stalling, hesitating, or you just don’t feel safe, tow it. When in doubt always tow it!

2) The check engine light went out by itself. Is it ok now?
Probably not. Check Engine Lights often come and go. Even if the light is out, your vehicle’s computer system will retain information that will allow the problem to be diagnosed. To avoid potential long term issues, get it checked out.

3) My check engine light stays on. What should I do?
If your check engine light stays on constantly, follow the instructions above, under “Can the car be driven?” Don’t panic.

4) Can I disconnect the battery, or pull a fuse to reset the service engine soon light?
Maybe, but I wouldn’t. Removing the battery cable or an ECM or PCM fuse may clear the code, but it is not universally recommended in the industry. Most manufacturers advise against it. See the Best Way to Reset Check Engine Light Codes below.

5) What is the Check Engine Light?
The Check Engine Light is a warning light for multiple systems operating in your vehicle. In simplest terms, it’s like an engine management warning light to alert you of a problem. Just like your computer pops up with an “error message window” saying that something’s wrong, your service engine soon light pops up to warn you that it has detected a malfunction: mechanical, technical, software, or otherwise.

6) How to Reset Check Engine Light?
This is a great question! I get it all the time. See the guide below.

Resetting Check Engine Light:
First, if your Check Engine Light is on, it’s on for a reason. The Check Engine Light indicates that your vehicle’s on-board computers have stored a fault code. There are hundreds of fault codes, any one or more could be stored in the computers memory.
Fault codes are critical for accurate diagnoses of the problem.

Sometimes the fault code points directly to a faulty component, allowing for a quick diagnoses and repair. Other times, the code may only indicate a problem circuit and thus extensive diagnostic procedures may be required.

By resetting the Service Engine Soon Light, it erases important fault code data that turned the check engine light on in the first place. Without this critical information, the root problem can not be discerned.

Unfortunately, there is no “universally” accepted way to safely turn off a check engine light. Even if there was, if the root problem is not addressed, it will come back on.

So whether it’s a Chevrolet Service Engine Soon Light, Camry Check Engine Light, Mighty Max Check Engine Light, or a 1993 Thunderbird Check Engine Light, they require individual procedures to diagnose, repair, and reset the check engine light code.

Following is a Safe and FREE way for resetting check engine light codes.

Best Way to Reset Check Engine Light Codes:
If you’re not interested in diagnosing your truck, SUV or car Check Engine Light, or it’s already fixed, and you just want the engine light out, visit any local repair shop. Most shops will have a universal Check Engine Light Code Reader that can quickly and safely reset, and check engine light trouble codes. It should take about 30 seconds.

Note: European models are better off with a specialist, and some older vehicles may require more time.

Here’s what to do:
Politely ask your local service center (ask a technician if you see one) if they could reset the check engine light with their Check Engine Light Code Reader. They may protest, arguing that the problem must first be diagnosed.

Tell the service representative that you understand fully, and that you appreciate his professionalism. But that you would just like to try resetting the Service Engine Soon Light, and if it comes on again, you’ll come back for a full diagnosis.

Be genuine. Service representatives respond positively to sincerity. If the service center wants to charge you just to reset your Service Engine Light, try another facility.

Alternatively, some parts store such as NAPA and AutoZone will reset your check engine light for free. Be wary of “diagnostic ideas” from parts representatives, however. Don’t let them sell you any parts to “try” to fix the problem.

IMPORTANT, check engine light repairs can be quite costly given their technical nature. Service centers can easily hide behind complex technical language to inflate the difficulty of your Check Engine Light concern.

Buy Used Engine to Roll Your Vehicle Back on the Roads

If your car engine is creating popping and hissing noises then it indicate that there is some problem in the engine. Engine is the most essential part which allows your vehicle to gear up on the roads. It requires proper maintenance for the smooth working of your vehicle otherwise it can lead you to heavy expenses in the form of engine repairing or damage. Nowadays, used engines are extensively used by the car owners who are looking for engine replacement option for their vehicles. Used engines not only work perfectly in improvising your car’s performance but also cost less and are affordable as compared to buying a new engine or vehicle.

You can buy high performing used engine from the trusted suppliers like SWEngines Tulsa Ok which is renowned in the USA for serving high-end quality used engines to satiate needs of diverse customers.

Why engine always need to be good condition?

Engine makes your vehicle run on the roads. This is all done with the help of internal combustion system which comprises of different parts along with engine. All the parts are connected to internal combustion system and efficiently work to run your vehicle. There are two types of engines based on fuel used- gas engine and diesel engine.

Different component of an engine:

Spark plugs: – These are used to ignite the fuel mixture so that internal combustion system starts working.

Cylinders and Pistons: – Cylinder is an essential part of the engine. Each cylinder is having a piston which moves inside it. Engines come with four, six and eight cylinders. Pistons are round in shape and move up and down inside the cylinder.

Valves: – There are two types of valves present in the engine that are Intake and Exhaust valves. Intake valve is required to allow the flow of air and fuel into the combustion chamber. On the other hand, exhaust valve is used to move the resulting mixture after the combustion process. Both the valves are closed during combustion process.

Connecting Rod:- It is used for joining piston to the crankshaft. It rotates at both ends while combustion process is working.

Piston Rings: – Every vehicle comprises of piston ring for each piston located inside the cylinder. These rings play a vital role in stopping air and fuel from leakage during the combustion process.

Crankshaft: – It is used for turning the pistons up and down just like jack-in-the-box-handle.

Sump: – This part is used to cover the crankshaft and to keep the things working properly.

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Southwest Engines warranty on used engines and labor

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Customer centric approach

SW Engines is a customer centric company which gives first priority to achieve complete customer satisfaction level. They not only provide Southwest Engines warranty for their customers’ convenience but also offer free shipping services in the USA. Now, you can place your order from anywhere and anytime by sitting in any corner of the USA and they will deliver it at your door-step without any shipping charges. By purchasing used engines from SWEngines you can save your huge amount of money on shipping service which you have to pay with other suppliers. Apart from it, they also deliver their products in Alaska and Hawaii with swift paid shipping services.

Branded used engines at lowest price

At SW Engines, you will get any type of used engine for various brands like BMW, Mercedes, Toyoto, Ford, Honda, Audi and many more. They carry used engines for all brands of vehicles and provide it at highly affordable price. In case you are not able to find right engine in their database for your car then you can call them on their toll free number or email them and they will suggest you the perfect used engine according to your vehicle’s requirement.

Tips for the Highest Trade-in Value for Your Car

Here are some tips for how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes time to trade in your vehicle at the Chrysler dealership in Arlington.

Put Your Best Tire Forward

It might not seem like a huge deal to you that you take your car in with caked-on mud on the tires and remnants from last night’s takeout spilled and stained on the floor, but these little things can significantly affect the amount that you are offered for your trade. Be sure that you are offering the very best you can–putting your car’s best tire forward if you will–when you take it in to be traded. Never just assume that the dealer is going to be able to look past a dusty dashboard and a cluttered console. Get your car washed and detailed prior to taking it in.

Get the Timing Right

You might need to trade your car in right away, but if you are trying to trade in a convertible, you are likely going to get more value for your trade-in during the summer than you will in the winter. Likewise, you will likely get a better trade-in value for an all-terrain sports utility vehicle during the rough winter months than you are when the summer brings sunny skies and clear roads.

Visit a Few Places

Make sure you visit a few dealerships and ask them to evaluate your potential trade-in. Trade-in value is not absolute; in other words, you will get a different offer at every dealership you visit. Deciding which dealerships to take your car for a potential trade-in depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • Existing inventory: If you are trading in a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica, and the dealership that you are visiting already has 5 of these beautiful vehicles on their lot, they might refuse your trade-in or offer you a lower value for it.
  • Trade-in practices: Different dealerships are going to have different practices and strategies when it comes to trade-ins. Make sure that you are researching the dealership before visiting to make sure that they are going to treat you fairly and honestly. For example, be very wary about any dealer that promises to pay off your car, no matter what. They will often do this and just roll off the balance of your prior auto loan into your new car payment.
  • Preferred make or body style: Many dealerships specialize in a certain body style or will only take trade-ins of a certain make. For instance, while taking your Chrysler Town & Country to a dealer that has a few dozen minivans on the lot already may not be a wise choice, neither is taking your minivan to a dealer with none of these family-friendly cars on the lot at all.

There are a lot of important things that you should think about when taking your car into a Chrysler dealership in Arlington to be evaluated for trade-in. Not only is it essential that you bring your car in looking its best, but you should also make sure to research and visit a number of different dealerships in the area at the right time of year to be sure you get the best value.